Vaadin 7 UI Design By Example: Beginner’s Guide review

Vaadin 7 Ui Design by Example: Beginner's GuideVaadin 7 Ui Design by Example: Beginner’s Guide by Alejandro Duarte

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I have been working with Vaadin framework for two years. I have chosen Vaadin for the idea to create complete web application using pure Java programming language. The speed of the development and the learning curve was really crucial in time I started to work with Vaadin, so that was one of the reasons why I have chosen Vaadin framework.

To the book:
Finally I have time to do read the book Vaadin 7 UI Design By Example: Beginner’s Guide and share my impressions from it. The book was written by Alejandro Duarte and released by PACKT Publishing in July 2013.

The book guides you as a beginner thru the first chapter as a beginner who do not know anything about the vaadin framework. There are tutorials how to create first Vaadin project in Eclipse development environment (including plugin installation). There is also covered how to create project from Maven archetype in my favorite NetBeans IDE. Anyway as far as I know there is a new plugin for the NetBeans IDE.

From the first look it looks that book will continue with the boring component to component description: How to create label, button event, combobox etc. Luckily NO. The book nicely clarifies how is the client server communication made. How is the Vaadin data model made and how to work with it.

If you are really beginner I would recommend you the chapter Vaadin’s Data Model. This is really useful to get understand how is the hierarchy in Vaadin data model made. There are clearly clarified properties, items and containers and that is the core what you need to know to become a real Vaadin developer.

Another core knowledge covered by the book is a layout component. The book simply and clearly covers how does the layouts and their customization works.
The best and the most useful part of the book is the part covering tables. If you really want to develop enterprise applications you simply need tables! And the Book’s examples are covering almost everything you need to do with the them. How to use other components in tables how to connect data model to tables, etc.

Anyway there are missing advanced topics which sooner or later every advanced programmer will need and this is lazy loading, advanced filtering and so. That is probably why authors used the “beginners” word in the title.

It is really nice book for beginners, anyway I am still waiting for the book which will cover advanced topics like huge data visualization and management in Vaadin. Including my favorite MongoDB or other noSQL data visualization capabilities.

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